New possibilities of MS SQL Server 2016 in Lime Systems solutions


Modern databases continue growing the functionality on processing and storing of large amounts of information. This allows development companies process and store the client information more effectively, undertake the multilevel analysis and ensure the bigger relevance in decision making. Microsoft company in its SQL Server 2016 solution offered interesting and much-needed mechanisms, some of which were used by Lime Systems.


Let us remind that officially the partnership of Lime Systems with Microsoft started in 2004, and in 2011 the company received the status of Golden Partner of Microsoft, which shows the high level of company’s specialists and solutions as a whole.


We distinguish several key changes, which influenced the efficiency and peculiarity of work of MS SQL Server 2016:

  • Least vulnerable database – high accessibility and disaster recovery
  • New features of SQL Server 2016 in the sphere of security allow protecting data for critically important workload. Due to the multilevel approach to security, including a reliable mechanism of audit, transparent data encryption (TDE) mechanism and others, the requirements of controlling bodies to critical information storage are fully met.
  • High productivity – SQL Server 2016 is keeping the leadership in all the productivity tests, which use the workload TPC-E (OLTP), TPC-H. The results of synthetic tests find their confirmation when realizing real tasks in real systems.
  • SQL Server 2016 includes wide possibilities on database management and maintenance. The extended list of operations, which can be performed in the ONLINE mode, significantly simplifies the tasks of administration, allowing to lower the time of data non-availability to a significant extent.


Apart from that, SQL Server Management Studio received a useful possibility – Live Query Statistics, which allows to monitor the query realization process. The data received as a result (time, %% of realization, quantity of data) are used for optimization.


It should be specially emphasized that Microsoft announced special conditions on migration to SQL server 2016 from the competitive platforms. According to the idea of the corporation, this offer would make the unified solution on data storing, protection, processing and analysis more affordable for those organizations, which invested in the platforms of other producers. Such special conditions, which will help to economize on the cost of licenses of a new product, development of a migration plan and training, would also be interesting to banking departments.