On the 21st of March «Lime Systems» presented practical peculiarities of accounting implementation according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)



On the 21st of March in the conference hall of the hotel «Radisson Blu» «Lime Systems» company presented practical peculiarities of implementation of financial reporting in accordance with requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

From the 1st of December 2015 the National Bank of Ukraine obliged all banks to show operations in their accounting according to the requirements of the international standards of financial reporting aiming to attract investors to Ukraine and ensure transparency of the financial reporting of the banks.

What is the real situation, what problems the banks are facing, how these problems are solved with ABS «Scrooge» – these were the main topics for discussion on the seminar. Representatives of «Lime Systems» demonstrated the functions, which were used for realization of the main methodologies and algorithms of calculating the provision for credit operations, calculation and representing in accountancy interest income on impaired financial assets according to the requirements of the IFRS. Special attention was paid to statistical reporting of provisions according to the IFRS, which is provided to the National Bank of Ukraine.  

Chief accountant’s assistant of the First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) Shmeleva Anna Nikolaevna highlighted the practical usability of the event for solving the questions that arise because of the shift to showing operations in accountancy in correspondence with the principles of IFRS. 


The chief accountant of the Universal Bank Zarozhevsky Sergey Vladimirovich also thanked «Lime Systems» company for organizing the seminar and paid attention to the high level of speakers, demonstrated possibilities of the system and the value of the information received. Both representatives of NBU and commercial banks of Ukraine took part in the event.