Secure service: Penetration test of iTiny Internet Banking is successfully realized.

Security of software products of “Lime Systems”, especially when using internet technologies is an integral part of providing quality services to own customers. Providing secure protection of our web-applications from various hacker attacks, we ensure secure environment for the work of Internet Banking system, as well as ensure a protected channel of exchanging financial information.


Because of this “Lime Systems” organized a security testing of its Internet Banking iTiny. Testing was realized by “QATestLab” company according to the methodology OWASP Top-10, 2013. The given methodology embraces 95% of critical vulnerabilities and covers them by checks.


To realize the testing such instruments as Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, Vega, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy, Modify Headers for Firefox, Back Track 5 (Linux), Metasploit Framework, Armitage, Skipfish, Havij, Nikto2, Wikto, W3AF, SQLmap, Fiddler, SSLStrip, Nessus, RatProxy were used.


iTiny internet banking showed good level of protection from hacker invasion to the server part. Vulnerabilities which would allow breaking the system were not discovered. This shows high level of protection of iTiny internet banking from external influences and high level of security of software solutions from “Lime Systems” in general.