The software package is a powerful tool for automating the activities of typical operations of a bank's cash node, such as accepting utility and other types of payments from individuals, currency -exchange operations, working with Bank Metals and coins, etc. without opening accounts with the possibility of flexible schemes for dividing and withdrawing commissions.


  • Setting up payment entry forms with the possibility of subsequent import of data on accepted payments in the service provider format.
  • Making payments by individuals to repay the loan with the display of the actual amount of payment.
  • Automation of accepting payments for goods and services without opening accounts (contractual and non-contractual recipients).
  • Verification of the payer, recipient and third party in the transaction (the person in the payment destination) for the presence in the list of terrorists.
  • The possibility to buy / sell Bank Metals and commemorative coins.
  • The possibility of making money transfers.
  • Payouts of the Guarantee Fund
  • Editing payment forms and reports.
  • Implementation of non-commercial currency exchange operations – purchase, sale, conversion, instant collection, exchange of damaged banknotes, currency exchange.
  • Inter-cash movement of funds

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