iTiny is a financial office of the client and a channel of communication with him, which will allow the bank to offer new banking products and unique offers to the client through channels convenient for him. iTiny provides the ability to exclusively customize interfaces and business logic

iTiny software package is:

  • iTiny is a financial cabinet of a client
  • iTiny is a multiplatform internet banking
  • iTiny is an excellent communication channel with a client which will allow the bank to offer new bank products and promote unique offers to a client through convenient channels
  • iTiny has a possibility of exclusive customization of interfaces and business logics


  • Accounts and balances
  • Additional opportunities for big business
  • Payments in national currency
  • Mail
  • Currency requests and transfers
  • Ergonomics, design, information services
  • Deposits / Credits
  • Safety
  • Reports and graphs
  • Bank cards
  • Salary-card projects
  • Foreign trade contracts

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