The main task of the SCROOGE: TREASURY system is to maintain the entire cycle of a bank work with FOREX, DEPO, CASH-operations, starting from forming customer applications to signing deals and calculating on national and international inter-bank markets.

About the system

The system is also designed to improve the quality of customer service, reduce transaction time, ensure interrelated work of front-office, back-office, bank dealers, and correspondent relations department. The SCROOGE: TREASURY system is a modular software complex that consists of several interconnected applications:

  • Dealing System Clients
  • Indicative Exchange Rate
  • Application Manager
  • General Applications
  • Deals

All the applications are incorporated into a single system that automates the accounting of bank conversions and transactions on the inter-bank lending market. The system enables the bank to register and keep records of conversion transactions of buying and selling currency via “TOD”, “TOM”, “SPOT”, “FORWARD”, as well as SWAP transactions, deals on attracting and allocating interbank loans and deposits; to keep records on transaction security, to conduct ROLLOVER and NETTING operations, SPLIT calculations etc.

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