The WebBank Software module implemented on the principle of “one window” is focused on organizing work of its staff servicing clients via a single application with a comfortable, user-friendly and quick web-interface.

About the system

It is a modular software package consisting of the following interrelated systems:

  • Client questionnaire
  • Integrator Bureau (database of blacklists of off-site services)
  • Online applications
  • Stop-list (internal database of the bank on problem clients)
  • Front-End
  • Calculating cumulative ratios of a client (scoring module)
  • Integration with Credit Bureau
  • Non-performing Loan Management System “Collecting Service”
  • Checking of passports
  • Bail Monitoring system

WebBank subsystems support all the stages of a bank work with its clients, from the moment when they come to the bank to a full range of the transaction service.
WebBank can be used by banks of any scale, size of business and needs , and aims to increase efficiency of the employees by automating technological processes.

Automation of the front-office will allow the bank to implement competitive advantages in attracting and retaining clients, reduce service costs and as a result to reduce transaction expenses, improve service quality and efficiency as well as to conduct additional sales of bank products.

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