Audit of IT infrastructure and operational processes


Having many years of accumulated experience, the company provides IT audit services for the current state of infrastructure, product and accounting policies of banks, and offers recommendations and new solutions.

The IT audit project analyzes the completeness of use and provides recommendations on the optimal functioning of Lime Systems software in a bank, database servers, application servers and database management systems. Weaknesses in the settings of these systems are identified, recommendations for their elimination are provided.

The conclusions of our specialists allow us to take a fresh look at existing business processes, determine the effectiveness of software products usage and identify potential reserves for business development, improving the productivity and reliability of current systems.

The audit also analyzes software performance, monitors database servers, and provides recommendations on hardware configuration and fine-tuning of database servers to meet the bank requirements.

The audit will result in recommendations for the full use of the system’s capabilities, which will make promotion of new banking products to the consumer more efficient and minimize the performance of routine operations by users.

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