OSIS and Lime Systems companies organized the joint load testing of the automated banking system SCROOGE on the basis of the hardware platform Cisco/NetApp

22 / 10 / 2013

The solution proved its reliability and productivity.

With the development of the banking sector of Ukraine the requirements of banks to the level of automation of banking systems also grew. One of the most important aspects when choosing the ABS is high productivity and scalability. That is why in the process of choosing the new ABS it is important to organize its all-round testing and identify the optimal hardware platform. The platform based on Cisco/NetApp production was acknowledged as suitable. However, this still was to be checked by means of load testing.

For performing load testing the “OSIS” company was invited – the leading partner of Cisco and NetApp in Ukraine. The process of testing was performed by both specialists of “OSIS” and “Lime Systems” Companies. The peculiarity of this testing was in creating the loading, which was very close to the real one.

In the process of realization of this project the test database ABS SCROOGE was created, which contained the quantity and statistical parameters. This database was used for performing the typical banking operations in ABS – daily orders and imitations of simultaneous work of users with performance of the most critical transactions for the business during one transaction day in banks. 

The result of the investigation should have been clear and unambiguous, that is why the load testing had concrete aims. Namely, it was necessary to evaluate the possibility of scalability of virtualization technology VMwarevSphere using equipment of Cisco/NetApp companies as a platform for building solutions based on ABS SCROOGE.

The project was realized in two stages. The first stage included the deployment of virtual stand in the laboratory of “OSIS” company and realization of scheduled tasks. The hardware part of the stand was gathered from Cisco UCS server stands of M3 generation and NetApp systems of data storage of the initial series FAS2000. On this stage when realizing the scheduled tasks there were two aims set - evaluate the possibility of realizing the tasks on given volumes and make the measurements of time required for performing each operation (for further evaluation of general time, required for closing the banking day)

During the second stage there was a task of evaluating the possibility of simultaneous usage of ABS SCROOGE infrastructure by 3000 users by means of imitation of user load. A special application was developed, which with the help of build-in functions of ABS SCROOGE created new business units (clients, financial documents. contracts) in the random order and in the set period.

Apart from it, it was important to check and evaluate the type of load to all infrastructure of ABS Scrooge, including the server group, when performing each type of tasks. 

The results of testing showed, that the Cisco/NetApp platform with the virtualization technology VMwarevSphere successfully copes with the task of realizing the mass routine transactions and ensures quick and secure work of the system of up to 3000 users. With higher load, as expected, the stand capacity is restricted only by the number of spindles of the disk subsystem. When increasing the number of spindles of disk subsystem it is possible to reduce the time of realizing the routine transactions twice.

The load characteristics of the system and possibilities of its usage were identified, and the specialists of “OSIS” company gave their recommendations on optimal configuration of server equipment and systems of data storage.

The final step was creation of report on load testing based on aggregated results. Thus, the load testing of ABS SCROOGE, realized in the technical center of “OSIS” company, proved efficiency and responsiveness of work of this system in conditions, which were as close as possible to the loads during one transaction day in bank.  


  • SCROOGE Core Banking System
  • Cash&Billing Cashier’s Module
  • WebBank Front Office Module
  • LS-Crypt
  • iTiny Web Banking Module
  • iTiny.Mobile Mobile Banking Module
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SCROOGE Core Banking System

Core Banking System consisting of a number of interrelated modules, which ensures the integrated management of bank resources and its overall effective functioning. 

Cash&Billing Cashier’s Module

This software module unites two systems: "Cash&Billing" and "MoneyTransfer", and represents the universal workstation of the bank cashier.

WebBank Front Office Module

WebBank Front Office Module gives the bank possibility to organize the cooperation between employees, serving clients of the bank via the single application with convenient, easy web-interface and extended possibilities and control on each step of the work – client consultation, product sale, client background check, evaluation of the financial capabilities of clients, additional product orders, realization of the transactions and creation of the additional agreements, monitoring pledged security and work with non-performing liabilities. 


The system of cryptographic information protection LS-Crypt is the library of cryptographical transformations, based on mathematical method of elliptic curves. It is used for encryption and decryption of the information, calculation of the message authentication code, hash function calculation, creation and verification of the electronic digital signature. 

iTiny Web Banking Module

The software module of remote service for bank customers (legal entities and individuals), which provides access to financial information of the client and the possibility of executing a certain set of operations and functions. 

iTiny.Mobile Mobile Banking Module

Mobile version of popular web banking module iTiny. It is freely distributed via the App Store, Google Play Market, Windows Phone Store. It allows managing funds on your accounts 24 hours/day with the help of mobile phone.