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13 / 04 / 2016



It became a well-established good tone of Lime Systems to take part in events of «must visit» type. This time representatives of the company took part in the conference «Financial services and digital technologies», which took place on the 7th of April, 2016 in American Chamber of Commerce premises. The event united experts in the sphere of finances, e-government and information security, representatives of business with the participation of representatives of executive and legislative authorities. Those present discussed various topics, from financial services market regulation to legal practices of client protection when providing digital financial services, and considered questions, connected to perspectives of development of digital technologies and their correct usage on the market of financial services of Ukraine.

Alexander Danchenko, the Chairman of Informatization and Communications Committe of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, also joined the discussion of the topic of the legislative management of the market of financial services. Alexander made a special emphasis on questions that need resolution for an effective work (telecommunications, cyber security, national program of informatization, electronic management, electronic document flow, educational program) and stated, that his committee is open for initiative groups.

Among speakers of the first block of the conference there were: David Kiziria (Administration of the President of Ukraine) with a talk on «Financial services in the epoch of Blockchain: new horizons», Jury Kozlov (Ministry of Justice of Ukraine) who spoke about the required changed in the legislation for successful provision of financial services. Alexander Zaletov (National Committee of Financial Services) told about the state, problems and perspectives of development of the market of non-banking financial services.

The conference was dynamic, with a lot of lively discussions with the participation of the commercial banks of Ukraine, including banks – clients of the company.




  • SCROOGE Core Banking System
  • Cash&Billing Cashier’s Module
  • WebBank Front Office Module
  • LS-Crypt
  • iTiny Web Banking Module
  • iTiny.Mobile Mobile Banking Module
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SCROOGE Core Banking System

Core Banking System consisting of a number of interrelated modules, which ensures the integrated management of bank resources and its overall effective functioning. 

Cash&Billing Cashier’s Module

This software module unites two systems: "Cash&Billing" and "MoneyTransfer", and represents the universal workstation of the bank cashier.

WebBank Front Office Module

WebBank Front Office Module gives the bank possibility to organize the cooperation between employees, serving clients of the bank via the single application with convenient, easy web-interface and extended possibilities and control on each step of the work – client consultation, product sale, client background check, evaluation of the financial capabilities of clients, additional product orders, realization of the transactions and creation of the additional agreements, monitoring pledged security and work with non-performing liabilities. 


The system of cryptographic information protection LS-Crypt is the library of cryptographical transformations, based on mathematical method of elliptic curves. It is used for encryption and decryption of the information, calculation of the message authentication code, hash function calculation, creation and verification of the electronic digital signature. 

iTiny Web Banking Module

The software module of remote service for bank customers (legal entities and individuals), which provides access to financial information of the client and the possibility of executing a certain set of operations and functions. 

iTiny.Mobile Mobile Banking Module

Mobile version of popular web banking module iTiny. It is freely distributed via the App Store, Google Play Market, Windows Phone Store. It allows managing funds on your accounts 24 hours/day with the help of mobile phone.