SCROOGE Core Banking System

Core Banking System consisting of a number of interrelated modules, which ensures the integrated management of bank resources and its overall effective functioning. 

Core Banking System ensures optimization of the bank’s corporate and retail business, treasury management, bookkeeping/accounting, risks management, financial monitoring, as well as completely automates the reporting process of the bank to the National Bank of Ukraine (Ukraine’s central bank) and the reporting complying with international financial standards, etc.


Complex automated banking system, which ensures the integrated management of bank resources and its effective work in general.

Allows optimizing the work of corporate and retail business, treasury directorate, accounting department, balancing risks, improving the work of financial monitoring, completely automating the reporting process of banks to National Bank of Ukraine and the reporting complying with international financial standards, etc. 


Advantages and possibilities of ABS SCROOGE:

  • Full automation of all business processes;
  • A single system of automation and accounting, with the automatic creation of required reporting and possibility of quick creation/launch of sales of new bank products;
  • Three-tier scalable architecture, with the possibility of load balancing and using the multithread data processing;
  • Division of data into operational and achieved, with the “transparent“ access to information for users;
  • Presence of own certified system of cryptographic protection of the information allows securely protect and optimize all chain of passing the information between bank departments when making deals with clients;
  • Modern, friendly and optimized interface from the point of view of usability/speed/convenience, with the possibility of individual “thin” configuration of application interfaces to fit each user;
  • Integration with the Microsoft Office package;
  • Regular optimizations and using the latest advancements of system software allows operating very big data volumes and handle big number of users with high speed, which is proven by results of regular load tests, conducted both at the initiative of the company, and also the individual projects of the clients (the results surpass similar measurements of our competitors even when we conduct tests on slower hardware);
  • Flexible built-in mechanisms of creation and integration of custom reports into the system;
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO).


Used technologies and databases:


Client support and development planning is ensured with the help of:




System of Agreements

Active/passive/non-monetary transactions on processing individuals/legal entities, individual/corporate business.



Complex solution on automation of work with securities.


Securities Keeper

The system is designed for automation of processes of realization of professional activities of the bank on the stock market – depositary activities of the securities keeper.



The system is used for processing of incoming and outgoing SWIFT messages in SCROOGE, the automated banking system.



Complex solution for work organization of bank on Ukrainian and international interbank market (FOREX, DEPO, CASH and many others).


Foreign exchange regulations

The system is designed for accounting of foreign economic operations of clients and control of statutory deadlines of movements of hard fund securities via the customs border of Ukraine.


Internal accounting

The “Internal Accounting” complex is designed for automation of managing personnel records, payroll accounting, asset accounting (financial and tax accounting); registration of the accounts receivable; keeping the inventory records, records of fuels, lubricants and motor vehicle tires;  operating lease accounting; lease accounting for lessors; third parties services accounting; unearned revenue accounting; warehouse accounting; travel expenses accounting; registration of agreements and creation of the required reporting on each module of the complex.


System of express transfers

The system of express transfers SCROOGE-III was developed on the basis of technical requirements of National Bank of Ukraine. It implements the interface of the National Bank, and allows to commercial banks receiving online access to service databases of the payments processing center of Electronic Payments System of the National Bank of Ukraine.