Cash&Billing Cashier’s Module

This software module unites two systems: "Cash&Billing" and "MoneyTransfer", and represents the universal workstation of the bank cashier.

The advantages of Cash&Billing complex:

  • Easy and simple web-interface;
  • Realization of a number of operations autonomously from the ledger, i.e. ABS;
  • Support of the ledger of ABS SCROOGE in an online mode;
  • Optimization of the processes of realization of various operations, which significantly increases the speed of client service;
  • Flexible settings of accountant models and processing of financial operations; 
  • Possibilities of applying the electronic digital signature to financial operations – NBU, LS-Crypt, Cipher, NOKK (Ukrainian systems of banking information safety), ECC, RSA;
  • Possibility of work with the ABS of other producers (export of operations in various formats);
  • Support of work with “Electronic cashier” devices;
  • Support of work with self-service terminals.

Certain software for banking sphere and automation of cash point activities are usually solving narrow range of tasks – they can accept either utilities payments, process money transfers, or process transactions with cash or metals. The system, that LimeSystems offers, unites all these functions. Apart from that, the system is built on modern Web-technologies, which do not require additional installations on workplaces on the one hand and do not pose any special resource demands to workstations and communication channels on the other.

The software complex is a powerful instrument for automation of activities of standard operations of bank cash point.


Tasks, solved with software complex Cash&Billing:

  • Аcceptance of utilities and other payments from individuals;
  • Аcceptance of payments on mobile connection (via MobiFix system of ProFIX company);
  • Fulfillment of currency exchange operations;
  • Operations with bank metals and coins;
  • Working with “Electronic Cashier” devices;
  • Money transfers realization (local transfers, offline-transfers, online-transfers via SingleWindow system of ProFIX company).


Supported browsers:


Used technologies and databases:


Client support and development planning is realized with the help of:




With the help of this system the bank completely covers the area of payments processing from individuals in the area of utility payments, payments to mobile operators for mobile connection services, as well as various payments to legal institutions.

Cash&Billing complex possesses a wide list of access to on-line services of utility portals and systems in major cities of Ukraine. This gives an undeniable advantage for choosing your bank as a place for making, for example, utilities payments, as the client gets full information on his liabilities on utilities and will make the payment in real time mode.

Due to wide geography of branches and banks, which are already working with the given system, the most popular forms of interaction with payees are already developed. These could be either single financial settlements center, representative offices of JSC “Ukrtelecom”, State Automobile Inspectorate, energy supplying companies, municipal services. The system has special forms of payment details, rules of service and interaction formats on confirming operations for each of such beneficiaries. The system allows bank to set all possible variants of commissions on payments accepted.

When receiving these payments, the clients of the bank have possibility of using the service of recharging mobile account or buying the recharge voucher. All operations are processes in real-time due to direct interaction with the services of operators.


Foreign exchange operations

The cash point of almost every bank presupposes realization of operations with foreign currency.  Cash&Billing covers this area of cash point activities as well. Using the set rates, which can be received from ABS of the bank, NBU files or set manually, the cashier can realize:

  • currency operations (sale, purchase or conversion);
  • acceptance of worn-out banknotes;
  • immediate collection of payments;

The work on processing such operations is simplified to minimum and average time, which the bank cashier spends on providing service to one client, fits in 1 minute.


Work with bank metals and coins

More and more banks start actively working with metals on the financial market of Ukraine. The system allows realizing these operations, corresponding to all requirements to the given type of activities.  

Apart from the operations on trading bank metals, the functions of quality management of metal, purchased by the bank are also provided.

The complex provides possibility of selling/purchasing jubilee and investment coins.


Simple operations

The software complex also has the following simple operations realized:

  • Refilling a card account;
  • Payments via POS-terminals;
  • SWIFT transactions;
  • Loans repayment;
  • Banknote authentications;
  • Foreign currency banknotes exchange.


The single system

The solution is universal both for multibranch banks and for banks with single MFI. The system is installed as a centralized solution for the whole bank.

The advantages of such approach:

  • time on setting and further maintenance of the system is reduced considerably;
  • unified database of payees with the possibility of setting single tariffs and commissions on such payments;
  • unified database of users and bank subdivisions (branches, offices, currency exchange units), which significantly simplifies administration, shifting of users between branches and other functions.