iTiny Web Banking Module

The software module of remote service for bank customers (legal entities and individuals), which provides access to financial information of the client and the possibility of executing a certain set of operations and functions. 

Advantages of iTiny complex:

  • Access to banking services at any suitable time for you, 7 days per week, 365 days per year;
  • Possibility of using banking services from any point of the world, where there is access to Internet;
  • The system is simple in use and has simple interface;
  • The necessity of adding and setting special software is absent;
  • There is mobile version support for smartphones and tablets.


Available for most of modern browsers:


Functional possibilities of iTiny complex:

  • Realization of various types of payments, including targeted payments for utilities and other services, mobile connection payment, etc.;
  • Templates support and creation of regular payments;
  • Exchange of information messages with the bank;
  • Reception of the information about state of accounts, as well as operations realized via them;
  • Control of loans, received in the bank (terms and interest rates on credit, sum and date of next payment, outstanding debt, etc.);
  • Information on deposit agreements (terms and interest rates on deposit, sum and date of next commission payment, overall sum of accumulated funds etc.);
  • Revision of credit card agreements and accounts, work with credit cards in terms of their blocking, issuing new ones, conducting the transaction control on credit cards, credit card agreements and credit card accounts;
  • Execution of applications on currency purchase, sale and conversion, as well, as payment order applications in foreign currencies. 


Ensuring the information security of iTiny complex:

In iTiny the secure protection systems are used, which totally exclude the possibility of unauthorized access to your accounts as well as information capturing when using Internet channels. To ensure information security there are the following mechanisms in iTiny:

  • The access is realized by entering login and password of the system, which is a secret set of symbols, known only by the client;
  • Protocolling of client login into the system and all his actions, records of client IP-address;
  • Access to the system via fixed IP-addresses;
  • Digital signature under electronic document is used for ensuring the integrity and authenticity of documents in the system (open and closed secret key);
  • All communications between the Bank and client browser are realized exclusively via https (SSL) protocol with transmitted data encryption, review protection and modification by third parties;
  • The system provides the possibility of applying single-use passwords for client authentication and confirmation of payment transactions. The sources of single-use passwords could be both specialized OTP-devices (Gemalto Ezio, Vasco, etc.) and personal mobile phones of clients, which receive the passwords via SMS-message;
  • Differentiation of access rights on the basis of issued login and password.


Used technologies and databases:


Client support and development planning is realized with the help of: