Highly experienced team, specialized in banking, healthcare and insurance solutions - available!

A special outsource partnership program in software development for banking and insurance industries, healthcare and other

large-scale mission critical projects on .NET and mobile.

  • Are you a system integrator, partner or development company that is working in mission critical industries and create large-scale solutions?
  • Is your software product successful and are the schedules of its development spread over years?
  • Do you pay a lot to your recruiters and still have difficulty getting the right IT specialists?
  • Do you want to cut OPEX on development and grow the team efficiency?
  • Do you require additional resources for expertise, development or integration?
  • Or are you already familiar with this approach and are looking for a decent partner?

If you answer “yes” to these questions, then we have something for you. 


Who are we?

Lime Systems is an experienced team with an impressive background:

  • 21-year experience in software development, system integration, project management and consulting;
  • Banking products, healthcare and insurance solutions successfully implemented in Ukraine;
  • Core banking solution is SCROOGE with 20 subsystems like CRM, front-end, AML etc;
  • More than 150 projects successfully completed for international financial groups;
  • 30 percent of local market of software banking systems;
  • 15 certificates, certification of the key employees of the company.




Highly qualified experts in the following technologies:

  • business-analytics, creation of the architecture of highly-loaded banking applications; healthcare and insurance solutions;
  • development of applications on C#/ADO.NET/LINQ/WinForms/WPF/WCF/ASP.NET/ WebForms/MVC;
  • development of mobile applications for banks, including the development of UI and UE;
  • work with databases MS SQL and Oracle;
  • data migration; data mitigation; data management;
  • Solutions integration portfolio with such big systems as Midas, T24, Oracle Flexcube, BankMaster, SAP, SAS;
  • QA testing, including load tests and other tests of core banking systems, CRM, front-office solutions.



You can order a one-time project or build a dedicated team in Ukraine, which will work as a part of your company under our supervision and management.


Our offer is unique due to our strong specialization in banking industry, healthcare and insurance solutions.


Our experienced project management methodology, skillfully built processes, big knowledge pool of the subject matter, which will be available for your team – all this differentiates us from standard companies-outsourcers, which don’t have such a considerable expertise. The same very expertise that can work for you. 



NB! Our pool of available specialists is restricted. Be in time to book them, so that they start to work for you.


Write us to find out the details. Right now.

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  • Highly experienced team, specialized in banking, healthcare and insurance solutions - available!


  • SCROOGE Core Banking System
  • Cash&Billing Cashier’s Module
  • WebBank Front Office Module
  • LS-Crypt
  • iTiny Web Banking Module
  • iTiny.Mobile Mobile Banking Module
All products

SCROOGE Core Banking System

Core Banking System consisting of a number of interrelated modules, which ensures the integrated management of bank resources and its overall effective functioning. 

Cash&Billing Cashier’s Module

This software module unites two systems: "Cash&Billing" and "MoneyTransfer", and represents the universal workstation of the bank cashier.

WebBank Front Office Module

WebBank Front Office Module gives the bank possibility to organize the cooperation between employees, serving clients of the bank via the single application with convenient, easy web-interface and extended possibilities and control on each step of the work – client consultation, product sale, client background check, evaluation of the financial capabilities of clients, additional product orders, realization of the transactions and creation of the additional agreements, monitoring pledged security and work with non-performing liabilities. 


The system of cryptographic information protection LS-Crypt is the library of cryptographical transformations, based on mathematical method of elliptic curves. It is used for encryption and decryption of the information, calculation of the message authentication code, hash function calculation, creation and verification of the electronic digital signature. 

iTiny Web Banking Module

The software module of remote service for bank customers (legal entities and individuals), which provides access to financial information of the client and the possibility of executing a certain set of operations and functions. 

iTiny.Mobile Mobile Banking Module

Mobile version of popular web banking module iTiny. It is freely distributed via the App Store, Google Play Market, Windows Phone Store. It allows managing funds on your accounts 24 hours/day with the help of mobile phone.